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Automatic Coffee Makers

Automatic coffee makers work like regular manual drip models. Coffee grounds go into a paper filter, you pour water in, hot water runs through the grounds and into the collecting pot. However, what distinguishes electric coffee makers is that they do all the work for you after you put in the water.

What distinguishes automatic coffee makers from each other?

  • Electric models can sit on the counter top if you have plenty of room or mount underneath kitchen cabinets if space is tight in your kitchen.
  • Since they use a paper filter for each batch of coffee, compare the cost and availability of the filters if you dirink a lot of coffee.
  • The size of the pot varies between models. Look for models that can vary the number of cups they brew.
  • Many models are programmable with a digital display like an alarm clock so that a fresh pot is waiting for you when you climb out of bed in the morning.
  • Most models require you to add water in the amount you want to prepare before the brewing cycle, but some connect directly to a water source to be ready at a moment's notice.
  • Consider a model with an automatic shut off so that the machine shuts off after a few hours of operation.
  • For those who prefer their coffee steaming hot or closer to the tepid side, an adjustable hot plate temperature allows you to set the coffee to the temperature you like.
  • Look for a selectable brew strength to adjust for individual tastes.
  • A built-in water filter that purifies the water is a must if you use chlorinated tap water.

Finally, you might want an indicator of when it's time to clean since nothing can be worse than the coffee from a machine that needs a cleaning.

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