AEEM Guide Bagless Vacuum Cleaners
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Vacuums with no disposable bags to purchase are the latest trend in housecleaning. These upright models are made by a number of major manufacturers and vary a great deal in price ($90 to $450). They are made of high impact plastic and have removable dust cups that trap the dirt. Most also have air filters to control dirt when empting the dust cups. The following should be considered when buying a bagless vacuum:
  • Does the vacuum include attachments necessary for cleaning furniture and hard to reach spots?
  • Will the vacuum slide under furniture?
  • How does the vacuum perform on bare floors? Is it necessary to adjust the height to go from carpet to bare floors and how much does the model adjust?
  • How easy is it to maneuver the machine?
  • Is it lightweight enough to move to a different floor level?
  • How noisy is the vacuum?
Some models feature a removable smaller unit handy for small cleanups.

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