AEEM Guide Electronic Pest Controllers
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Electronic pest controllers can be a great way to rid your house of pests without using traps, poisons or other methods that may be dangerous to children or pets. Electronic pest controls use ultrasonic waves to drive pests such as mice, spiders and bugs from the interior of the house. These ultrasonic waves cannot be heard by people and most pets, but they disrupt the nervous systems of unwanted pests.

The following should be considered when buying electronic pest-controls:
  • Consider the size of the space. Most controls are made for medium sized rooms. You will need several units for multiple rooms.
  • The control, which is the size of an electronic air freshener, needs to be left plugged into an electrical outlet, so make sure that there one in the room that can be devoted to it.
Finally, make sure that the device conforms to FCC regulations on interference.

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