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Almost anything you buy comes with a warranty that protects you from taking home a defective product. The warranty usually gives the manufacturer the option of repairing or replacing the product if defects become obvious within a short time after purchase. For big ticket items like household appliances and cars, a warranty may last a year or more. But in every case, the manufacture's warranty will run out and generally long before the end of the useful life of the product. After the warranty ends, you are responsible for the cost of any repairs or buying a new item.

An ever more attractive additional option is to increase the time of protective coverage by purchasing an extended warranty. Extended warranties work much like the original warranty, guaranteeing repair or replacement if the product fails within the extended warranty period. When choosing an extended warranty, consider:
  • length of the warranty - do not purchase coverage for longer than you intend to keep the item. Consider how soon you will want to replace it with a newer version
  • coverage - make sure it covers the kinds of failures that are most costly to repair, like power trains on cars, and avoid features that may already have longer coverage under the original warranty, like emission systems
  • speed and convenience of filing claims - electronics stores often make this very easy by handling claims and immediate replacements at their stores
  • the provisions for maintenance care - especially important for items that require regular work like oil changes for cars that will improve your enjoyment of the product and ease the hassles of keeping it in tiptop shape.

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