AEEM Guide Buying a GPS (Global Positioning System)
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GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation tool to guide the user through unfamiliar areas and to show how to get there faster while providing other useful information such as speed, direction, trip duration and odometer reading.

Most GPS receivers, regardless of type, have the same basic features including:
  • Address finder so you can locate a particular address and/or location
  • Compass information so you can determine east, west, north and south
  • Altimeter to determine your altitude (handy for climbers)
  • Points of interest information
  • An alarm system, a flashing message, or tone to indicate turning points and/or destination
  • Internal memory for storing map and personal data
There are 3 basic types of GPS units and which one is the best for you depends on how you plan to use it. The types are:
  • Handheld/mobile -small, lightweight units that are good for those who hike, bike ride, snowmobile, hunt, and camp
  • Vehicle mounted/portable - larger units with bigger screens and more memory space that are normally mounted in a vehicle but can be carried to other locations
  • GPS receiver kits for laptops and/or PDA's

    • Programs for the lap top provided the most comprehensive data and options
    • Programs for PDA's allow you to combine the best features of both without having to carry two separate devices

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