AEEM Guide Buying a Handheld GPS
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Handheld GPS units are small, lightweight, battery-operated receivers for those who enjoy doing activities outdoors, such as hiking, biking, mountain climbing, and camping. There are many options available, and here are a few worth considering:
  • American and Canadian base maps so you don't have to read map coordinates to determine locations
  • Electronic compass and barometric altimeter for better location and altitude readings
  • Long battery life - some receivers can operate over 30 hours, which reduces the possibility of the receiver quitting while on a day long outing
  • Easy to read display whether you are in sunlight or shade
  • An adequate amount of internal memory for storage of the base map and personal data to give the amount of detail and information you want
  • WAAS enabled to give position accuracy within 10 feet
  • Waterproof rating since getting a receiver wet can harm or destroy it
  • Outdoor calendar with sunrise/sunset and best hunting/fishing information
  • Outdoor GPS games to provide entertainment on your outing
  • PC interface for exchanging information with your computer
  • Radio transceiver option that allows you to send your location to another transceiver if you are separated from your party
Consider getting a belt clip or lanyard for hands free yet easy access and carrying. Also, consider a carrying case large enough to carry spare batteries in case you need to replace them while on an extended outing.

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