AEEM Guide Jewelry Cleaners
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If you want to keep the sparkle in your fine metal jewelry and gems but donít want the expense of professional cleaning, you may want to buy a home jewelry cleaner. These machines are small versions of the models that the professionals use. They will clean your jewelry in a few minutes by using either ultrasonic waves or steam to remove dirt, tarnish, soap scum, and the filmy residues left from cosmetics and oils.

If you are thinking of buying a home jewelry cleaner, consider the following:

  • Steam cleaners work by heating tap water to a temperature high enough to produce an intense, dry steam spray that blasts the jewelry. They are particularly effective for removing filmy residues. Look for models that can generate a dry steam rather than a less effective wet steam. Dirtier pieces of jewelry made need presoaking in a cleaning solution.
  • Ultrasonic models work by putting the jewelry into a small tank of water and cleaning solution where tiny bubbles produced by sound waves do the cleaning. This type tends to be a more effective all-purpose cleaner than the steam types, good for both deep cleaning and touch up jobs.
  • A few jewelry cleaners combine both steam and ultrasonic methods, but this can result in neither system being as effective as machines that perform only one cleaning function.
  • Some jewelry cleaners are small enough to sit on a bed size table. These will not be large enough to clean silverware. A tray for cleaning watches is a handy feature.
  • Look for models that have more than one programmable cycle and that automatically shut off when they are done.

Some jewelry cleaners will also clean eyeglasses, keys, coins, and pen tips. Softer materials such as pearls and emeralds should not be cleaned with these machines.

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