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With today's increasing interest in protecting personal and business information from possible illegal use, shredders are a convenient and reasonably secure way to dispose of sensitive information.

Shredders destroy paper and other material by cutting it into straight, thin strips or dicing it into small confetti pieces. The smaller the strip or square, the more protection you are given. If you will be using the shredder for small, infrequent jobs, a lightweight shredder without a built-in basket might fit your needs. Look for a model that adjusts to fit on any shape/size wastebasket you have. For more frequent and greater volume shredding, a heavier duty model with a built-in waste container basket will most likely work better for you.

When choosing a shredder, here are some things to consider:
  • Pick the fastest shredder that your budget allows to reduce waiting time, as slow shredding will discourage you from using the shredder. Shredding speed is a function of the number of papers you can shredded at one time and the speed with which the pages move through the shredder.
  • Find a model with a large enough paper feed opening to handle all the different size papers that will be shredded. Many smaller shredders require you to fold in half a page before shredding. This is fine for small jobs but not for shredding large numbers of pages.
  • Shredders that produce confetti-like squares are more secure than strip shredders as they avoid the possibility of important data running parallel to the cut and thus not being shredded.
  • A reverse feed is essential to help clear paper jams that occur.
  • A warning light or buzzer that alerts you when the waste container basket is getting full is helpful.
  • An automatic start/stop feature is convenient so you don't have to manually turn it on/off

    all the time. The machine should only be triggered by paper or other material slipped part way in.
  • If you need to shred credit cards, CD's, staples and the occasionally left on paper clip, look for a shredder with cutting knives designed to chop these tougher materials.

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