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Patio heaters are propane gas fueled devices which give off radiant, infrared heat, allowing comfortable enjoyment of outdoor living spaces in colder weather. They can help extend seasonal use of outdoor dining and seating areas in the spring and fall or warm up cold summer nights. Because they use propane, they can emit much greater heat than portable electrical heaters; a self-contained fuel tank eliminates the need for cords or pipes..

The following should be considered when buying patio heaters:
  • Unless you want a "fireplace" effect, heaters should warm an area from 4 to 15 feet in all directions. The actual heating capacity will depend on the number of BTUs.
  • Taller heaters stand on the surface of the patio and should have weighted bases so they don't tip over; shorter types may sit on tables or low walls. Pick a model depending on where you plan to position it.
  • If you plan to move the heater around, check its weight and if necessary, look for models that have built in wheels so the heaters can be repositioned more easily.
  • Better models have electronic ignitions, allow for heat control, and have a gas valve safety shutoff.

Choose a design that fits your decor. Patio heaters come in powder coated steel or more expensive stainless steel, and they are frequently shaped like outdoor lamps.

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