AEEM Guide Portable Space Heaters
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With the cost of heating increasing, a portable space heater is one way to warm a room or small area without the expense of heating an entire house. Heaters come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles with the smallest ones heating the space under a desk to others heating a whole room. When purchasing a heater, here are some features to consider:
  • the amount of space the heater warms - a mismatch between heating capacity and room size can make the heater inefficient or insufficient
  • if you want to move the heater from room to room, look for carrying handles or castors for easy moving
  • a timer to start and stop the heater at predetermined times
  • fast and uniform heat with a low level of operating noise
  • multi-function remote control if you want to be able to control the heater without walking over to it or if you want to locate the unit in a hard to reach place
  • a thermostatic temperature control that allows you to set a particular temperature instead of high/medium/low settings
  • if you are looking to heat a room, consider a unit with heat distribution in 360 instead of only one direction; directional heaters are good if you want to focus the heat in one spot
  • Safety features to look for:
    • some units have an exterior that is cool to the touch to avoid burns, especially important if you have small children and/or pets
    • automatic shut off if the unit is tipped over, the airflow is blocked, or the heater overheats from long usage
    • adequate length plug-in cord to avoid putting the heater too close to furniture or curtains
If you are planning on using the heater outside for warming a patio or shed, check that the heater is rated for outside use.

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