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Power air fresheners are designed to spread fragrances into rooms to help cover up odors by using electric or battery powered fans. The come in a range of prices ($8 to $35) and sizes. They are portable and more easily turned off than plug in fresheners.

The following should be considered when buying a power air freshener:
  • Some air fresheners are much larger than others and so take up more room.
  • Consider the variety of fragrances offered. Make sure you like the fragrances offered as some scents can be overpowering and are often not interchangeable between manufacturers since some units use bottles or tubes of scent and others use flat discs with embedded scents.
  • Determine how long do the scents last and how easy is it to install the refills.
  • Consider the overall cost. In addition to the unit,
    • see how much electricity the unit consumes (does the freshener stay on continuously, or does it cycle on and off?)
    • the cost of fragrance refills
Remember to check in battery operated models what type of batteries are used and whether they are included.

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