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Initially installed in kitchens where they provided additional storage and easy accessibility or just for their more contemporary look than stardard refrigerators, the refrigerator drawer is an increasingly popular appliance now being installed in rooms all over the home. They can be found in wet bars, family rooms, home theaters and even bathrooms. Consider these advantages:
  • in the TV room - so you donít have to walk to the kitchen for a cool drink
  • in the dining room and the patio-grilling center - for convenient entertaining access to cold food and drinks without trips back and forth to the kitchen
  • in the bathroom - for handy and temperature controlled storage of medicines
  • or, combine the refrigerator drawer with warming drawers and an under-the-counter refrigerator for a complete food preparation area.
You can even choose a custom front panel to blend in with your roomís cabinetry.

Refrigerator drawers are configured as a single, two, or three-drawer unit. Multiple drawers let you group similar items in each drawer. Besides being able to set the optimum temperature for each drawer, you lose less cool air by opening just one drawer instead of a whole refrigerator. And, if the drawers are installed below counter height, it will be easy for kids to get their own food and drinks.

Look for features such as lighted interiors, individual temperature controls, and adjustable dividers. If you prefer, make sure one drawer can be a freezer drawer and consider getting an icemaker in it for a ready supply of ice cubes; automatic defrost for freezer drawers is a must for easier cleaning and maintenance.

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