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Sleep therapy machines are small digital units that help to induce sleep by playing relaxing sounds. They operate on batteries or by plugging the unit into an electrical outlet. These machines are compact enough to sit on a nightstand next to the bed. They are priced according to how many different kinds of sounds they produce and whether they have extra features, such as a timer that will turn them off after you have fallen asleep. Sleep therapy machines can be purchased in stores that specialize in electronics, through catalogs, or from online sites. They are easy and inexpensive to ship. Consider the following if you want to purchase a sleep therapy machine:
  • All units will produce a constant white noise that drowns out background sounds. More expensive models can have up to twenty different choices of soothing sounds. Sounds from nature such as rainfall, waves breaking on the shore, or waterfalls are popular, but noises such as wind chimes, trains or even city traffic (for the lifetime city dweller, honking horns can be more soothing than chirping crickets) are available. Select a machine that has sounds you associate with tranquility and favorable memories.
  • The quality of the sound can be important. Better units will not be as tinny sounding and therefore, more soothing.
  • Avoid models that have any kind of light, which can be a distraction that will keep you awake.
If you travel frequently and are using a sleep therapy machine to help you fall asleep in strange surroundings, battery operated models may be more convenient, as you will not have to search for a spare electrical outlet.

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