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If you are tired of the confusion and the clutter that comes with having a separate remote for your TV, VCR, DVD players, etc., a universal remote control will let you operate all of your A/V equipment with just one remote. When buying a universal remote, here are some features to consider:
  • The ability to manually program any missing features if the remote comes preprogrammed.
  • The capability to program the remote by going to the manufacturer's website and download any needed programming for easy and quick programming.
  • Macro's that let you program a series of commands (turn on the DVD, turn on the TV, select the station, for example) and push one button to perform all commands for quicker and easier operation.
  • Back lit buttons so you can operate the remote in dim light.
  • A LCD display screen for showing information.
  • A touch screen LCD, if you like an ultra-sophisticated look and feel to your remote. It should include the ability to customize the order/position of the "buttons" and to eliminate any "buttons" you don't use.
  • A locater button so you can find the remote when you've misplaced it.
If you purchase a high-tech remote and there are people in the house that will be using it but who aren't as technology savvy as you are (such as young children), consider purchasing a second, more simpler remote or one that has been designed for children.

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