AEEM Guide Buying a Wet / Dry Vac
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Wet/dry vacs are useful tools for the workplace, shop, and home because of their ability to suck up both dirt and liquids. When considering buying a wet/dry (or "shop") vac, here are some features to look for:
  • Tank capacity - available in sizes ranging from one to 20 gallons. Smaller vacs are useful for occasional, light cleaning tasks while the bigger ones are great for the heavy duty tasks of picking up wood pieces, nails, dust and other construction debris.
  • A power cord long enough to reach all the places you want to clean without having to use an extension cord. It is convenient and tidier to also have built in cord storage
  • A HEPA filter and a filter bag inside for eliminating dust in the air during use and when emptying the tank
  • Four or more wheels for stability and easy moving. Wheels that are under the vac instead of on the sides won't get caught on things as you move the vac around. Also, bumpers are handy so the vac doesn't mar the wall/furniture if it bumps into anything
  • Hoses that attach by locking or screwing in so the hose doesn't come off if you pull on the hose
  • A muffler, especially on a larger vac, to reduce noise level
  • Automatic shut-off when the tank is full
  • A drain valve so you don't have to tip the vac when emptying out water
  • The ability to blow as well as suck so that you can use it for blowing away debris and for inflating.

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