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Yard clean up in the spring and fall means raking up the leaves, but it also involves getting rid of all the twigs and branches that have been blown from the trees by winds and ice storms. Small leaf shedders do not have the power to handle more than limited amounts of leaves, and they canít deal with the branches at all. If you are looking for a machine that can turn yard debris into valuable compost or mulch, you need a wood chipper that also shreds the leaves.

If you are thinking of purchasing a wood chipper, consider the following:
  • Wood chippers with engines smaller than 10 horsepower will not be able to satisfactorily grind twigs and branches raked up with the leaves. In most cases, you will need a chipper that can handle branches up to 3 inches in diameter if you want to clean up your yard with any efficiency.
  • Look for models with durable steel blades Twin feed capacity makes the chipper more versatile.
  • Wood chippers that include a large collection bag will make moving shredded leaves more convenient.
  • A one gallon capacity gas tank results in fewer stops for refueling.
  • More expensive chippers will have pneumatic rather than plastic wheels.
  • Consider the size of the chipper. Narrow models will be easier to store in your garage or storage shed.
Chippers can be dangerous machines. Always wear safety goggles and ear protectors when operating a chipper. Read the operating directions carefully and follow common sense safety practices.

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