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Remote Starters

When it is cold outside, a remote car starter can get your car running, warmed up, and even de-iced without you having to leave the house. Believe it or not, you can get one of these units for around $100. And, remote starters are frequently bundled with features such as an alarm, keyless entry and interior light control which are great for increasing your security.

A good system will have a remote range of about 1000 feet. That makes it easy to warm up a car as you walk across a large parking lot. A factory look-alike remote unit will not only look nicer than cheaper models, but also replicate trunk unlocking and other factory remote features. Get a unit that requires a sequence of button presses to start the car to avoid false starts as the remote jostles in your
pocket or purse.

Security controls limit the possibility of someone else's remote starting or unlocking your car. Look for easily reprogrammed units if you suspect your car keeps getting unlocked. Also, check to see if your car requires a bypass module or trunk relay unit. Some factory installed alarm systems require these to avoid compromising anti-theft systems. Most manufacturer or retailer sites offer a quick lookup method to check for this.

More expensive units can even start your car if the temperature drops below freezing. Keep in mind that you don't want to set this feature (or manually remote start you car) unless your car is kept outside.

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