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Stair Lifts

More people live longer today than any time in the past, and most prefer to stay in the home where they have lived for years. Unfortunately, one of the challenges of aging is declining physical ability, and for those living in the same two story house in which they raised their family, the daily treks from upstairs bedroom to downstairs living space can be a real obstacle. You can eliminate the struggle and the potential danger of climbing and descending stairs with a stairway lift.

Stairway lifts are not like elevators. Instead, they are chairs mounted on a track beside the stairs in your home and travel along the stairway above the steps. When buying a stair lift, look for these features:

  • Folding seats so that the chair lift does not block the stairway for others. Make sure the capacity is adequate for your needs.
  • Easy access getting in and out of chair, taking in account any disabilities the users may have.
  • A simple control that will be easy to use. Consider wireless or key locks in addition to a wall switch if appropriate. Variable speed control may also be important if there is a difference in preferences among those who will use it or abrupt changes in direction as the stairs wind or turn corners. Also check that the motion up or down the glide will stop if there is an obstruction on the track or stairs.
  • Fit to your stairs. A straight run of stairs is simple, but curves or landings require special guides and lifts.

  • Folding or retracting tracks if your stairs project into the hall or room where the track will not be up against a wall.
  • Outdoor certification if you intend to use it on a back porch or patio.

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