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Anti-Aging Creams

Our skin must endure the harshness of the world -- the sun, the wind, dryness, and time. Research in recent years has gained a better understanding of the physical deterioration that creates "old looking" skin and of how to partially rejuvenate it.

Here are some tips:

  • prevention remains the best medicine - avoid exposure to harsh conditions that can harm your skin. For example, wear a sunscreen even when outside for short time or during winter. Opt for a sunless tan rather than damaging your skin with a real tan.
  • drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.
  • moisturize or at least apply a cream to reduce the evaporation of moisture from your skin when exposed to low humidity.
  • use an exfoliant two to four times a month to shed dead skin cells.
  • collagen supports our skin to give it a firm, young appearance, but when levels of it decline, wrinkles begin to form. Collagen injections can temporarily put back some of the structure.
  • wrinkle (or anti-wrinkle) creams have been

    around for years, but each year sees a crop of new ones, some armed with growing scientific insight in the chemical processes that keep skin youthful. However, results vary greatly, so take advantage of free trials and money back offers to see how they may help you.

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