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Air Mattresses

Air mattresses are a convenient way to accommodate extra sleeping guests without the need for a permanent bed. Although inflatable mattresses have been around for a long time, newer models are far more comfortable because they are thicker and stand higher off the floor. They are also much easier to inflate. These mattresses come in standard twin, full and queen sizes, so they can use regular sheets and blankets. The price depends on the size (twins are the least expensive) and other features, but generally run between $60 and $300. They can easily be ordered online.

The following should be considered when buying an air mattress:

  • Some mattresses are easier to inflate than others. The fastest have embedded air pumps in the units and can be ready to go in a minute or two. If the mattress comes with a separate air pump, make sure it is easy to attach.
  • Check to see if the mattress can be adjusted for firmness after it has been inflated. Some models will have to be reinflated if the initial attempt results in a surface that is too hard.
  • Mattresses that stand higher off the floor are easier to get in and out of and will feel more like a regular bed. Anything under 19 inches can be difficult for some adults.
  • Consider how heavy the mattress unit is. Lighter weight models will be easier to handle, especially if you will be putting the unit away every morning and getting it out at night.
  • More expensive models often fold up into compact sturdy cases on wheels for easy storage. Air mattresses that come with fold up legs can be more difficult and time consuming to set up.

For extra comfort look for mattresses that include pillow tops or that incline for reading and watching television.

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