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Artificial Christmas Trees

If you are tired of sweeping up dried needles and remembering to add water to your tree stand, it may be time to consider buying an artificial Christmas tree. Real trees can become a fire hazard if they dry out and are often a mess to clean up after the holidays. Real trees have also become so expensive in most areas of the country that buying a tree you can use year after year soon makes up the difference in the initial cost of a good artificial one (a good artificial tree should last at least ten years). Artificial trees used to have a plastic look that made them much less attractive than real trees, but newer models now look so realistic that you have to touch them to tell the difference.

If you are thinking of buying an artificial tree, consider the following:

  • Cheaper artificial trees made with plastic branches that plug into metal stands will not look at all real. More expensive trees whose needles are made with a quality silk product are the most realistic. These trees come in a variety of sizes, shapes and needle textures. You can also select from various shades of green. Look for those with painted wooden trunks.
  • Decide if you want to purchase your tree with the lights already strung on it. Some artificial trees also come partly decorated. Both of these features can add to the convenience of an artificial tree.
  • One of the chief advantages of artificial trees should be their convenience at a busy time of year. Look for trees that are easy to put up and take down. Some trees rely on a complicated system of coded branches that must be installed in a specific order. These trees are time consuming to assemble and pack away.
  • Make sure you have the room to store it, since you'll no longer be tossing out your tree after the holidays. A large tree will need a big storage box.

If you like the convenience of an artificial tree, you should also consider buying artificial wreaths, swags and garlands.

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