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Glue Dots (TM)

A popular form of adhesive for arts and crafts, package labelling, and quick adhesion uses is Glue Dots (TM).

Glue Dots are a form of non-toxic, odorless pressure sensitive adhesive. They stick on contact and do not need time for drying or curing. They are designed to join together two surfaces, which can be irregular or non-matching.

Glue Dots are available in a range of strengths, from low bonding to permanent bonding. Choose the strength depending on the application (e.g., low bonding for temporary bonding, such as removeable tags).

Glue dots have a depth to them, which spaces the objects being bonded. Different thicknesses are available and can be used to created three dimensional affects. Glue dots can also be stacked to provide even greater depth.

Glue dots are package on rolls of liner paper and are quick to apply. Because they are packaged as individual dots of glue, they are ideal for small glue jobs without having to worry about the bottle or tube of glue drying out.
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