Choosing an Ear Thermometer
Taking a child's temperature is easily done when using an ear thermometer. These work by measuring the heat generated by the ear drum and the surrounding tissue. Most will measure temperature ranges between 93.2 to 108.0 degrees F (34 to 42.2 degrees C). They are battery operated.

The following should be considered when buying an ear thermometer:
  • Look for a small, soft, and flexible tip that will be gentle on the baby's ear.
  • Make sure the temperature display is easy to read; a digital readout is the best.
  • Some models will beep to let you know an accurate temperature has been taken.
  • Most models will allow you to take another reading within 1 to 2 minutes; this 'recovery' time is important if you are tending to several sick children
  • Some models have a memory storage feature, which is convenient for tracking the progress of a fever

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