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Mobile Pet Grooming Business

Mobile pet grooming comes to the pet owner, adding an extra dimension of convenience for the customer. As with other mobile businesses, there is a big cost advantage for the entrepreneur versus a traditional storefront operation:

  • no costs for store rental or purchase
  • no real estate taxes
  • no utility bills
  • no investment in furniture or fixed equipment

Instead, a mobile pet grooming service can be run out of a car or small van. Additionally, many customers may elect to have their pets groomed more frequently, when they can do so more easily.

Before entering this business, it is imperative that you already have some hands-on experience with pets and pet grooming to determine that it is to your liking. Getting a job in an existing bricks-and-mortar grooming business is one possible way to learn the ropes without first enrolling in a pet grooming school. Note that many states, counties, and/or localities license pet groomers, often requiring examinations and/or formal training.

Besides visiting pet owners at their homes, also approach nonprofit organizations that tend to offer car washes as fundraisers, such as scouting troops, schools, youth sports teams, volunteer fire companies, rescue squads, etc. Suggest that they add pet grooming, with you as the provider (perhaps at reduced cost), to their menu of services.

Additionally, look to forge alliances with pet daycare sites (those without their own grooming operations, of course), dog walking services, etc. This is a way both to expand your customer base quickly and to reduce the amount of driving around that you must do.

The feasibility of providing your service on site at large employers and shopping centers (see our discussions of mobile car washes and mobile oil changes) hinges on:

  • Having adequate facilities at your disposal in which to perform your services and to keep safe custody of pets until their owners return to pick them up. Be mindful of local health and animal welfare ordinances.
  • Limiting the length of time between drop off and pick up of a pet. Otherwise, you may end up unexpectedly devoting too much of your time to low-value pet sitting rather than to high-value grooming, or you may have to add extra staff to assist in this regard. At shopping centers, it is entirely reasonable that you set a firm limit on the amount of time that you will hold a pet. At office parks

    and office buildings, you probably would have to mind a large group of pets for the entire working day or shift. If so, your charge should reflect that added level of service.

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