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Finding the Right Opportunity

People start new businesses either because they have a great idea, want to see it flourish in the marketplace, and want to benefit from it directly; or, they see the advantages of running their own business and so seek out a product or service they can provide as a small business.

Whichever is your motivation, before you go to far down the road with your plans, you should consider whether the business opportunity is it the right fit for you and your goals:

  • financial - do you have the money it takes to make it a success, and as a success, will your business provide you the money you need?
  • life & lifestyle - does your business fit your abilities and preferences in areas such as travel, human interaction, problem solving, organization, and vision?
  • personal satisfaction - will pursuit of this business provide you with the personal satisfaction, challenge, and level of security that you desire?

In this section we cover finding and evaluating the right opportunities for you:

You may also want to start your search by looking at businesses for sale.

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